11 of the Most Unique Car Parks Around the World

What are some of the most unique car parks in the world?

Here are some of the world’s most unique and wonderful car parks around the globe.

8. The Al Jahra Car Park in Kuwait is fully automated

The Al Jahra Automatic Car Park in Kuwait is a car park with a difference. It is also one of the world’s most advanced as it is, more or less, completely automated.

Drivers simply drive their cars into place, lock their cars, and the special automated lifts store your car for you in giant car racks. It is also something of a record-breaker.

“It became official in 2018. For the second time, a Robotic Parking Systems’ facility was awarded the Guinness World Record for the Largest Automated Parking Facility in the world – 2,314 spaces.” – Al Jahra Court, Kuwait.

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Automatic Car Parking System Facts

The Robotic Parking System of Al Jahra, Kuwait is not only the biggest automated car park in the world, it boasts the fastest throughput of any fully automated parking system in the world. It is verified by a third party with a certification for highest peak traffic throughput (cars/hour) in the industry.

Robotic Parking Systems has the highest speed of flow in the industry.

Our automatic car parking system in Al Jahra has over 2,300 parking spaces and processes 425 vehicles per hour. That’s more than 7 vehicles per minute whether entering, exiting, or a combination of both.

For a parking structure with hundreds or thousands of spaces, it’s not enough to move one vehicle at a time, no matter how quickly.

The key is quantity.

No one moves lots of cars faster than Robotic Parking Systems.

Watch this video sequence as 12 vehicles enter and 6 leave. A total 18 vehicles processed—all in 140 seconds.

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