World’s Largest Automated Parking Facility

Designed, Manufactured and Installed by Robotic Parking Systems

At Robotic Parking Systems, we take immense pride in being the driving force behind the design, manufacturing, and installation of the world’s most substantial automated parking system. Our journey reached a historic milestone in February 2018, as we secured our second Guinness World Record for the Largest Automated Parking Facility on the globe – an impressive feat boasting 2,314 spaces.

This remarkable achievement came to fruition through our collaboration with the Al Jahra Court Complex project in Kuwait, where Robotic Parking Systems was entrusted with the complete lifecycle of the automated parking system from the initial design phase to the meticulous manufacturing of cutting-edge machinery and automation components.

Under the banner of M A Kharafi, the general contractor for this monumental project, and in partnership with the esteemed Amiri Diwan of Kuwait – the office of the Amir of Kuwait – Robotic Parking Systems orchestrated the seamless integration of a state-of-the-art automated parking system. The Al Jahra Court Complex now stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and groundbreaking achievements in the realm of automated parking.

Our comprehensive scope of services extended beyond installation to include the crucial startup of operations and ongoing maintenance, ensuring the long-term success and reliability of the automated parking facility. This holistic approach exemplifies our dedication to delivering turnkey solutions that redefine the standards of automated parking system development on a global scale.

As we continue to break barriers and set new benchmarks in automated parking, Robotic Parking Systems invites you to explore the unparalleled capabilities of our cutting-edge technology. Join us on a journey where innovation knows no bounds, and the future of parking is redefined with every record-breaking project. Welcome to the world of Robotic Parking Systems – where excellence is our standard, and achievements are monumental.

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