ABC News comments on Automated Garage

When you return … no guesswork

“… When you return … no guesswork about where you parked it, no strange nicks, dents or scratches … and no parking attendant to tip.”

ABC World News Tonight – Peter Jennings

See the pdf version.

When Peter Jennings made these comments about the automated garage of Robotic Parking Systems, he recognized several significant differences between our automated parking system and conventional concrete systems.

No Guesswork About Where You Parked

In a Robotic Parking System, patrons simply drive their car into a parking terminal and the robots do the rest. There may be 200 or 20,000 parking spots in the garage, but no matter. When retrieving their vehicles, patrons simply return to the lobby area and their vehicle is brought to them! The Robotic Parking System provides a user experience that is second to none.

No Strange Nicks, Dents or Scratches

When parking in a conventional concrete garage or parking lot, it is not uncommon for parking patrons to find strange marks on their car upon their return. Close quarters in garages increase the likelihood for car doors to accidentally make contact with and often damage neighboring vehicles.

This is not the case in a Robotic Parking System where cars are stored on pallets and placed in their parking spaces by machines. In this system, car doors never even open.

No Crime

The opportunity for car scratches is not the only thing that is eliminated with a Robotic Parking System, the opportunity for crime–theft, vandalism and violent crime–is also fully eliminated. Since there is no public access to the car storage area of the automated garage, the dangers of a poorly lit and attended parking garage are completely eliminated. There is even an additional layer of security with high-resolution cameras placed in every entry/exit terminal throughout the system.

No Parking Attendant Tip

Robotic Parking Systems offers superior valet-style parking without the valet. Patrons leave and pick up their cars in the entry/exit terminals and keep their keys. Not only that, the overall personnel costs of running a Robotic Parking System automated garage are lower than a conventional garage.

See how a Robotic Parking System can help you gain space, lower costs, and improve the user experience for your parking project.

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