Fully Automated Parking System

Add-On Products

Robotic Parking Systems Inc. offers a number of optional add-on products to our fully automated parking system. These add-ons increase the ways that our parking structure can be used making it even more functional and cost-effective for owners and operators.

Operation and Maintenance

Robotic Parking Systems, Inc. begins its service and maintenance programs at the design stage with true redundancy for high reliability. Uptime of the system is unprecedented.

The patented warning system built into every fully automated parking system alerts staff well in advance saving valuable time correcting any reported deviations before a failure would occur. Using local and remote access as well as the built-in diagnostic tools, the Robotic Parking System can be easily monitored and maintained from anywhere in the world. On site diagnostics, preventative maintenance and service are all performed using only factory trained technicians.

According to national and international standards and guidelines, a public fully automated parking system should be manned during the hours of operation by a factory trained technician. Such an operator can also cover the service and maintenance functions.

A long-term Operation and Maintenance contract with a subsidiary of Robotic Parking Systems Inc – Robotic Services and Operations LLC – is recommended to ensure flawless operation of the garage and the highest owner and user satisfaction. An Operation and Maintenance contract will extend the warranty on the system for the life of such agreement.

For owners who want to use their own staff for operations and weekly maintenance functions, Robotic Parking Systems provides two sets of complete operation and maintenance manuals and will provide on-site training of our fully automated parking system for these personnel.

These comprehensive service and maintenance programs are indicative of Robotic Parking Systems’ commitment to a high level of reliability and the smooth operation of any of its installed systems.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVC)

Robotic Parking Systems makes every effort to offer our clients options that integrate with the latest transportation technologies. Our optional Robotic Parking Electric Vehicle Charging © station is available with our fully automated parking system. Once an electric car is driven into and parked in the terminal and the charging cord connected between the vehicle and the pallet, the system can automatically charge the vehicle using a ‘Level 2’ system at the parking slot.

Once a vehicle is charged, the Robotic Parking System can automatically move the car from the charging station into a non-charging slot to make room for other vehicles to be charged. In this way fewer charging stations can be utilized to charge more cars.
A number of EVC’s can be added at a later date depending upon the available electrical supply.

Click here for frequently asked questions about EV charging stations.

Pallet Cleaning System

A Pallet Cleaning System is automatically integrated into the system if a project is located in a region that regularly receives snow and ice.

This vacuum system cleans the pallets as needed after a car exits from the entry / exit terminal. This action is particularly critical during the winter season to remove snow and ice. The inside of the Robotic Parking Systems’ garage must remain above freezing to ensure fluids can be removed from the pallet and tires do not become frozen to the pallet.

Integrated, Automated Car Wash

Robotic Parking Systems uses leading brushless car wash manufacturers for optional integration into our fully automated parking system. One such product that we have installed is the MARK VII brushless portal with auto drying system. The car wash performs the wash procedure through software embedded commands. Robotic Parking Systems recommends implementing the car wash together with a full water recycling system that only uses five liters (about 1.5 gallons) of fresh water per one car wash. The remaining water needed will be used from fully recycled water that is stored in nearby tanks.

Container Storage

Robotic Parking Systems has developed storage containers that easily allow spaces not needed for parking to be used for storage of household goods or office records, merchandise or even cold storage, etc. Simply, containers are utilized instead of the pallets used for cars inside the fully automated parking system. The automated machinery moves and stores both the car and the container in the same manner.

The storage containers are the same dimensions (7 ft 4 in x 19 ft x 6 ft. 8 in. / 2,235 mm x 5,791 mm x 2030 mm) as the vehicle pallets making the system components fully modular and interchangeable. Containers can be compartmented into various sizes as well as equipped with shelves. This provides extreme flexibility for large and small storage needs.

Goods can be loaded into the container directly from the car — the container will be brought to you in the terminal area. There is no need to load the goods on carts and wind through long aisles or go up and down elevators to arrive at your designated storage bin.

This feature can be added later after the system is operational. It can also be combined with our Loading / Unloading Terminals.

Loading and Unloading Terminals

To provide higher Peak Traffic (the number of cars in and out per hour) in the fully automated parking system, Robotic Parking Systems developed special Loading & Unloading Terminals that can be installed on the side of the actual drive-in terminals. These specialized terminals are for the user’s convenience for loading or unloading the car, or in case someone forgot something in the vehicle after it has already been transferred inside the system. Vehicles cannot be driven off these terminals, and they are only accessible through a man door.

Advanced Security

For applications that require high security, Robotic Parking Systems can install an extremely sensitive drive through portal which detects narcotics, explosives, radioactive materials, plastic weapons and even bodies hidden inside trunks. The security portal would be installed in the driveway to the Robotic Parking System just prior to driving into the entry / exit terminals. The security portal creates photo-like gamma-ray images revealing the threats. One such system is Z Portal.

Are you interested in learning if a fully automated parking system is right for your project? Architects, investors, developers and consultants looking for parking solutions can contact us and receive initial designs for a parking system specific to your project at no cost.