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What is Automated Parking?

Automated parking in the world of parking garages describes a facility that is capable of receiving vehicles to be parked and retrieving passenger vehicles automatically. This type of system has emerged as the solution to many urban parking woes.

To more fully answer this question, the experts of Robotic Parking Systems have developed several continuing education courses.

Automated Robotic Parking 101: Implementation the Right Way

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Properties that include green space and common areas for people to interact in are more beautiful, livable, and desirable. However, attracting people also means taking into consideration car parking. Parking, while a necessity, is not the optimal use of land in any project. Architects and developers often have to compromise their designs or reduce the amount of revenue-generating space to accommodate the required parking space. In many cases, space is at a premium, and the project cannot go forward unless an architect can somehow “create space” to account for the needed parking density.

A compact automated parking system is the solution to minimize the impact of parking. It creates more space that can benefit the property as a whole and increase the return on investment (ROI) for your clients.

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The Largest Robotic Parking Systems in the World: Is the United States Ready for This?

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What is automated parking and its future in the US? Without a doubt, the United States likes to go big. We are the home of Mount Rushmore, Disneyland, and the Whopper. We are the birthplace of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. The movie industry grew up here. We are an economic and military powerhouse. The rate of entrepreneurship is staggering. We have big vehicles, big houses, and big dreams.

But with some emerging trends, we lag. This is the case when it comes to automated parking systems, which are robotic or automatic systems that park cars without human intervention using precisely calibrated machinery and software. These innovative parking systems save valuable urban space, create the highest use for land, increase ROI for developers, improve the environment, delight drivers, and are primed to mesh with future technologies. Research and Markets research firm estimated that the global market for automated parking in 2019 was $1.3 billion and forecasts the global market to grow to $3.6 billion by 2027.

The acceptance of automated parking will likely be driven by architects working in the best interest of developers to achieve the highest and best use for any new or retrofitted project. While U.S. residents have become accustomed to the fumes, danger, and inconvenience of conventional parking garages, there is every likelihood that they will one day embrace this technology as thoroughly as they have embraced the push-button ease of elevators. For the best ROI for land development, it is incumbent on architects and developers to give robotic parking systems serious consideration, changing the dynamics of land use.

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What Is in the Contract?

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What is in the contract? This important document contains the guiding principles in any project, before, during, and after design and construction. When it comes to an automatic parking system (APS), however, there is no widely accepted standard contract to guide a project from inception to completion.

This course provides elements from such a contract. The model contract demonstrates the importance of providing neutral, comprehensive, and industry contract specifics and specs that—in the interest of all involved from users, owners, planners, and providers—are vital for the success of automatic parking in general. In addition, the course presents a comprehensive case study of the largest APS in the world that was successfully executed—manufactured in the United States, delivered overseas, and installed—using the model contract expanded upon here.

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