Emerging Technologies


Based on our discussions with leading transportation technology companies one element has become very clear – emerging transportation technologies require that the garage of the future must be smart! In response, we oriented our automated parking system around the CASE strategy as defined by Mercedes-Benz at the Paris Automobile Show in 2016.


With our fully automated parking system and its Cimplicity® software platform (from GE Automation), we are already connected and can receive and share as much or as little information as the client wants on an open network.

Autonomous Driving

In 2016 we developed a partnership with Bosch to facilitate parking of “autonomous driving cars” in Robotic Parking Systems’ garages.

Sharing and Services

Car sharing, fleets and car services can be accommodated in our robotic garage now. The network and communication platforms already exist.


The Robotic Parking Electric Vehicle Charging © station is available for Level 2 charging with all of our automatic parking garages. Just plug the cable in our entry / exit terminal to the car – done. Learn more and review specifications.

Although individual car ownership may be reduced over time the cars that will be needed for car sharing, fleets, autonomous driving vehicles and electric cars as well as the “conventional cars” – all of these need to be parked and serviced somewhere. The better a garage is equipped to service these needs, the better the garage will be utilized!

A garage offering features that accommodate emerging technologies will be a facility there to stay!