Emerging Technologies

CASE Strategy for Automated Parking Systems

Welcome to the future of parking with our cutting-edge automated parking system! Based on our discussions with leading transportation technology companies, it’s evident that the garages of tomorrow need to be smart and adaptive. Our solution is crafted with precision, aligning seamlessly with the CASE strategy unveiled by Mercedes-Benz at the Paris Automobile Show in 2016.

At the heart of our automated parking system is a commitment to Connectivity, Autonomy, Shared mobility, and Electrification – the pillars of the CASE strategy. We understand that the evolving landscape of transportation demands more than just a parking space; it requires an intelligent and responsive parking infrastructure.


Connectivity is the backbone of our system, ensuring seamless communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and users. This enables real-time monitoring and control, allowing for optimal space utilization and efficient traffic flow within the parking facility.

With our fully automated parking system and its Cimplicity® software platform (from GE Automation), we are already connected and can receive and share as much or as little information as the client wants on an open network.

Autonomous Driving

Though no one knows precisely when the widespread adoption of autonomous driving vehicles will happen, one thing is certain, in the coming decade, more and more driverless vehicles will appear on our roads. Already, many automakers and tech companies are introducing semi-autonomous features, contributing to the overall progression toward fully autonomous vehicles. Considering that the lifespan of a parking garage is many decades, it behooves developers to get ahead of this trend in the development of new parking structures.

In 2016 we developed a partnership with Bosch to facilitate parking of “autonomous driving cars” in Robotic Parking Systems’ garages.

Sharing and Services

Car Sharing: Our automated parking system embraces the concept of car sharing, ensuring that parking transitions from a static space to a dynamic resource. Our system is set up to intelligently manage the comings and goings of shared vehicles, optimizing available space and facilitating a smoother, more efficient car-sharing experience. Whether it’s a community-based car-sharing initiative or a corporate fleet, our solution adapts to the shared mobility model seamlessly.

Fleet Management: For businesses operating fleets, our robotic garage provides a tailored solution for efficient fleet management. The system ensures that your fleet vehicles are securely parked, easily accessible when needed, and well-organized within the available space. Real-time monitoring and control capabilities enhance the overall management of the fleet, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Car Services Integration: Car services, including maintenance, cleaning, and refueling, can be seamlessly integrated into our automated parking system. This holistic approach ensures that vehicles not only find a secure parking spot but also undergo essential services when required. The interconnected nature of the system allows for streamlined coordination between parking and service activities, optimizing the overall lifecycle management of vehicles.


The Robotic Parking Electric Vehicle Charging © station is a groundbreaking feature available for all our automatic parking garages. As the world shifts towards a greener future and increased adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), we have responded by seamlessly integrating Level 2 electric vehicle charging capabilities into our automated parking infrastructure.. Just plug the cable in our entry / exit terminal to the car – done. Learn more and review our automated parking ev charging specifications.
Although individual car ownership may be reduced over time, the cars that will be needed for car sharing, fleets, autonomous driving vehicles and electric cars as well as the “conventional cars” – all of these need to be parked and serviced somewhere. The better a garage is equipped to service these needs, the better the garage will be utilized!

A garage offering features that accommodate emerging technologies will be a facility there to stay!

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