From Brick to Mirrored Glass

The Façade of a Robotic Parking Garage Can Blend Seamlessly into Any Project or Neighborhood

Creative freedom for architects and developers has arrived! Planners can hang any type of façade onto the clean outside structural support system of a Robotic Parking garage.

Robotic Parking Systems installs its industrial lifts, machines, pallets and the computer control systems inside the supporting structure and never interferes with the façade.
The steel or concrete supporting construction of the Robotic Parking System will accept any variety of façades. This allows planners and architects a free hand in designing the external appearance of the facility. Whether you choose a half-timbered, brick, aluminum, concrete or glass facade, the choice is yours. The garage can be designed to fit harmoniously into its environment. Entry / exit terminals can also be integrated into the façade environment, while observing both visual as well as functional criteria.
Here are just a few examples of project designs that include the Robotic Parking Systems.


Parking for businesses and tourists in historic or inner city districts can be a major challenge for architects and developers. No one wants to see an ugly ramped parking structure that is totally out of character for the area. Some jurisdictions have even introduced ordinances that demand an enclosed façade in order to enhance the fabric of building façades.

This is where Robotic Parking Systems can help. An automated parking structure can store twice as many cars in half the space so the footprint required for the parking facility can be much smaller. Additionally, the facade can be completely customized to fit the architectural detail of the area.