For The Environment

Robotic Parking Systems are Environmentally Friendly

Increase Green Space, Reduce Traffic Congestion and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Robotic Parking Systems is eco-friendly and can help grow greener cities by:

  • Using 50% less space to park the same number of cars as a conventional garage,
  • Reducing the traffic congestion and accompanying pollution of people driving around and around looking for a safe, convenient place to park, and
  • Reducing pollution inside the garage by using electromechanical automated parking machinery to move cars into parking spaces. No cars run inside the garage, and there is no driving up and down ramps and through aisles in search of a space.

Robotic Parking Systems’ patented technology enables parking from hundreds up to several thousand cars in half the space of a conventional garage which can significantly increase green space.

Research shows that over 50% of the traffic in typical downtowns is simply on the road, cruising around the block searching for vacant, convenient parking spaces. Building compact Robotic Parking Systems that require up to 50% less space in our urban areas can reduce the traffic congestion of drivers circling for parking and this needless pollution.

Robotic Parking Systems are “green” products that conserve gas and diesel fuel as well as reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. No cars run inside the garage, and there is no driving up and down ramps and through aisles in search of a space. Inside the Robotic Parking System electromechanical automated parking machinery moves the cars into parking spaces. This significantly reduces the emissions of harmful gases, reduces the carbon footprint and ensures an environmentally clean parking facility.

Underground applications are particularly well suited to the Robotic Parking System Because only half the space is needed for the same amount of parking as conventional garages, developers can save as much as 50% on the excavation alone.

Additionally, Samuel I. Schwartz, P.E. in his article The Garage of the Future Must be Green  stated “When all factors are considered, the cost of operating an automated garage is less than half (-55%) that of a conventional garage.”