How It Works

The Robotic Parking Systems patented technology enables parking from hundreds up to several thousand cars in half the area of a conventional ramp-style garage. This creates more space for design, development and community enhancements. Architects and developers can use less space for parking and incorporate more green space, retail space, residential or office space or combinations of these.

Robotic Parking Systems recently opened the first high-speed automated parking garage in the Middle East providing parking for 765 cars to a mixed-use development that includes office space, residential apartments and a five star hotel.

1. Drive up to the automated parking garage. The Robotic Parking System offers complete design flexibility and can blend with any neighborhood or project.

2. Drive into the convenient parking terminal. Multiple automatic sensors ensure that the car is properly positioned for parking. Robotic Parking Systems offer better care and safety for vehicles.

3. Get out and lock the car. There is no need to drive through the garage to find a parking space. Robotic Parking Systems offer a greater level of convenience.

4. Take the parking card from the kiosk and walk away. You get premium valet parking without the valet.

5. Robotic Parking Systems does the rest. The car is picked up by the computerized machinery and lifts that will safely place it inside the building on a shelving system. The automated parking garage at Ibn Battuta Gate handles 250 cars per hour with up to 32 cars in motion at any one time.

6. Enter the well lit and secure ground floor lobby and put the parking card into the kiosk. The Robotic Parking System provides the highest possible level of security for individuals.

7. Screens display the exit terminal where the car can be retrieved. The Robotic Parking System swiftly delivers the car in 3 minutes or less.

8. The Robotic Parking Systems’ machinery delivers the car facing forward so that it is safe and easy to exit the garage.

9. Get into the car in the exit terminal. It is not necessary to wander around inside the garage to retrieve the car.

10. Drive away. The Robotic Parking System makes parking safe and hassle free.