How It Works

How Our Fully Automated Parking Systems Work

1. Drive up to the automated parking garage.

The Robotic Parking System offers complete design flexibility and can blend with any neighborhood or project.


2. Drive into the convenient parking terminal.

Multiple automatic sensors ensure that the car is properly positioned for parking. Robotic Parking Systems offer better care and safety for individuals and vehicles.



3. Get out and lock the car.

There is no need to drive through the garage to find a parking space. Robotic Parking Systems offer a greater level of convenience.



4. Start the parking storage process through the mobile app or with RFID card, fob or coin at the kiosk. Then, just walk away.

You get premium valet parking without the valet.

20 Seconds

5. Robotic Parking Systems does the rest.

The car is picked up by the computerized machinery and lifts that will safely place it inside the building on a shelving system.

Retrieve Your Car

6. Enter the well-lit and secure ground floor lobby and start the parking retrieval process through the mobile app or with RFID card, fob or coin at the kiosk.

The Robotic Parking System provides the highest possible level of security for individuals.

7. Screens display the exit terminal where the car can be retrieved.

The Robotic Parking System swiftly delivers the car in 3 minutes or less.

8. The Robotic Parking Systems’ machinery delivers the car.

The car is facing forward so that it is safe and easy to exit the garage.

9. Get into the car in the exit terminal.

It is not necessary to wander around inside the garage to retrieve the car.

10. Drive away.

The Robotic Parking System makes parking safe and hassle free.

170 Seconds

The Worlds Largest & Most Luxurious : Robotic Parking

This luxurious valet-styled user experience explains why our system was featured in The World’s Luxury Guide as the most luxurious automated parking garage in the world.

This superior experience is possible because of the speed and power of our system. The definition of is, “Speed of energy flow per unit of time,” or “The rate at which work is done.”

The powerful vehicle retrieval process of Robotic Parking Systems allows patrons to retrieve their cars within 177 seconds of initiating the process. All this they wait comfortably AND safely in a lobby. Check out this video of the entire vehicle retrieval process.

Not only that, but our system has the fastest throughput, meaning ability to get cars in and out of the garage, of any fully automated parking garage in the world. This high vehicle process speed also contributes to the superior user experience of our system. Want to learn more about how our automated parking systems work so fast? Check out our system getting 18 cars in-and-out in 140 seconds here.

And, of course, probably the most valuable aspect of the user experience with our system is its ultimate safety and security. Our pallet system fully protects all vehicles by ensuring that no machinery ever touches the car. Additionally, there are no public ever in the car storage area of our garage, which effectively eliminates all possibility for both accidents and crime.

For developers interested in creating a parking experience that attracts patrons, the fully automated parking system of Robotic Parking Systems, Inc. is the ideal solution. Our system makes parking safe, fast and fun.

For more information about how our fully automated parking system works and how it could integrate with your project, reach out to our experts through our contact form here. By providing some basic information, our engineering experts can help you envision how this system could greatly enhance an overall development project.

See how a Robotic Parking System can help you gain space and lower costs for your project.