Largest Automated Parking Facility

Designed and Manufactured by Robotic Parking Systems

It’s official – the Emirates Financial Towers (EFT) has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the Largest Automated Parking Facility.

Robotic Parking Systems Inc. was contracted for the design and build of this 1,200 space automated car park that was inserted between the concrete structure of the two towers

All of the machinery for EFT was manufactured at our 100,000+ sq ft. factory in Clearwater, FL.

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Robotic Parking Systems Get Even Bigger

Robotic Parking Systems has garnered significant acclaim by achieving not just one but two Guinness World Records within a span of a few short years. Not long after achieving its first Guiness World Record, Robotic Parking Systems achieved its second Guinness World Record for its automated car parking facility at Al Jahra, Kuwait.

In the wake of its initial Guinness World Record accomplishment, Robotic Parking Systems continued to push the boundaries of excellence, solidifying its status as a pioneer and innovator in automated car parking.

The second Guinness World Record was awarded to Robotic Parking Systems for its construction of the 2314-space parking facility. The facility in Al Jahra stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to redefining conventional parking norms.

This dual recognition underscores Robotic Parking Systems’ unwavering dedication to pushing the envelope in the realm of automated car parking, making them a trailblazer in the industry. The Al Jahra facility’s acknowledgment by Guinness World Records cements its status as a world-class example of ingenuity, efficiency, and excellence in the evolving landscape of parking solutions.

Robotic Parking Systems has the capacity to build parking structures of all sizes, whether its 20 or 20,000. Learn more about the system that helps developers reduce the space requirements for the parking in their projects by half or more. Robotic Parking System’s patented technology is unsurpassed in safety, speed and user experience.

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