Lift and Slide Semi-Automated System

Puzzle Parking System
Lift and Slide Semi-Automated System

Robotic Parking Systems Inc. also offers a puzzle parking system that provides semi-automated parking and allows patrons to access each parking space with a push of a button. The puzzle parking system is also referred to as a mechanical parking system or a lift and slide parking system.

Lift and slide parking systems generally accommodates less than 200 cars and are extremely useful in developments where minimal height is available. As the name lift and slide parking system suggests, cars are lifted up by chains and moved laterally by a superior motor driven system. These systems can be built indoors or outdoors as per the site requirements. The system has built-in safety systems in the lift and access areas.

  • These puzzle parking systems can be built with 2 levels below entry level and up to 6 levels above entry for maximum efficiency. Tandem configurations can also be implemented to allow for more vehicles to be parked.
  • The mechanical puzzle parking system is a free-standing steel structure design; it is connected to the foundation with anchor bolts and has no connection to the building columns.
  • This kind of of semi automated parking system is ideal for retrofits and require minimal modifications.
  • The lift and slide system can be equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.
  • A safety gate is provided in the access level.
  • The average retrieval times range from 30-50 seconds.
  • Car lengths vary from 5.0 meters (16.4 feet) to a maximum of 5.8 meters (19 feet)
  • Car weights may vary up to a maximum of 2500 kg (5500 lbs.)
  • Car widths may vary from 1.8 meters (5.9 feet) to a maximum of 2.0 meters (6.56 feet.)


The configuration of this mechanical parking system is flexible and customizable. It can be installed at ground level, underground, on the rooftop, within existing structures and next to buildings.

Since these are free standing systems, this high-density parking system can be installed, used for several years and then relocated as needed to another site. This provides options to developers who may want temporary parking while they work out plans for future development.


Both lighting and ventilation requirements are dramatically reduced with the fully automated and semi-automated parking system. Lighting is only needed at the entrance and in the parking area for maintenance so is on only when needed. As far as the ventilation goes, there are significantly fewer air changes needed per hour in this system compared to traditional underground and closed parking garages.

If you have a project and need to fit in as many car spaces as possible due to space restraints, click on the link below. With your parking specifications, the experts of Robotic Parking Systems will create an initial custom parking design for your project at no cost. Depending on the size of your project, both options of fully automated parking and the puzzle parking system will be explored to see which works best in your situation.