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… a few architectural works of art that prove that even parking can be luxurious…


In metropolises where space is scant and valuable – New York or Tokyo for example – parking space is crammed into every last crevice: automatic parkades stack cars on top of each other. The largest of these is found (despite ample space, ironically) in Dubai. The Robotic Car Park in the Ibn Battuta Mall (the world’s largest theme park/shopping center/recreational facility) offers space for 765 vehicles and can rearrange 250 of them within an hour – an automatic parkomat in New York can’t even claim a tenth of this capacity.

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The World’s Luxury Guide featured Robotic Parking Systems’ Ibn Battuta Mall garage in Dubai as one of the most luxurious automated garages in the World.

Other luxuries included are the John Travolta estate in Ocala, Florida; The Versailles in Orlando (both about 100 miles from Robotic Parking’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida); Oprah Winfrey’s and Will Smith’s estates along with Hearst Castle and others in the US.

Automated Parking: Luxury on Many Levels

A Robotic Parking System garage is synonymous with luxury, delivering unparalleled benefits to both patrons and garage owners/operators. At the forefront of this opulent experience is the valet-style service provided to patrons. Unlike traditional parking facilities, this robotic system eliminates the need for patrons to search for parking spaces or navigate through crowded garages. Instead, users can simply drop off their vehicles in the entry terminal, and the robotic system takes care of the rest, ensuring a seamless and stress-free parking experience.

The luxury extends beyond the patrons, benefiting garage owners and operators as well. The efficiency of a robotic car parking system allows for optimal space utilization, maximizing the capacity of the garage. This, in turn, translates into a more lucrative investment for garage owners, as they can accommodate a higher volume of vehicles within the same physical footprint. Additionally, the advanced technology incorporated into the robotic system reduces operational costs, contributing to a more sustainable and economically viable parking solution.

In essence, our robotic car parking system transcends conventional parking norms, ushering in a new era of luxury and efficiency for patrons and garage stakeholders alike. From valet-style services to optimized operations, this innovative system sets the standard for a sophisticated and convenient parking experience.

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