Luxury parking

… a few architectural works of art that prove that even parking can be luxurious…

3 Dubai

In metropolises where space is scant and valuable – New York or Tokyo for example – parking space is crammed into every last crevice: automatic parkades stack cars on top of each other. The largest of these is found (despite ample space, ironically) in Dubai. The Robotic Car Park in the Ibn Battuta Mall (the world’s largest theme park/shopping center/recreational facilty) offers space for 765 vehicles and can rearrange 250 of them within an hour – an automatic parkomat in New York can’t even claim a tenth of this capacity. The only problem (and by Dubai standards it’s a very real problem) is that the machine can only handle vehicles up to 6 meters in length.

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The World’s Luxury Guide featured Robotic Parking Systems’ Ibn Battuta Mall garage in Dubai as the most luxurious automated garage in the World.

Other luxuries included are the John Travolta estate in Ocala, Florida; The Versailles in Orlando (both about 100 miles from Robotic Parking’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida); Oprah Winfrey’s and Will Smith’s estates along with Hearst Castle and others in the US.

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