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It’s a Dream

The Wall Street Journal Reports on the superior user experience of a Robotic Parking System.

“For drivers leaving or retrieving their cars at a parking garage, it’s a dream: no exhaust fumes, no strange nicks or scratches appearing on the fenders, no budding Mario Andretti squealing the tires around hairpin turns, no tip for the attendant…”

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Automated car park gets bigger and better

Since this Wall Street article was written, Robotic Parking Systems has gone on to achieve not one but two Guinness World Records for largest automated car park.

The first world record was for the ibn Battuta Gate Robotic Parking System. This system has 765 spaces and has been in continuous operation since 2009, demonstrating its reliability.

The second world record was achieved with the construction of the 2314-space Robotic Parking System of Al Jahra Court, Kuwait.

Robotic Parking Systems has continued to develop its cutting edge technology. Its automated parking systems are fully equipped for emerging technologies such as electric vehicle charging, fleet management, and autonomous vehicles.

In today’s post pandemic world, an additional advantage of this system has become apparent–dropping off and picking up vehicles through the mobile app offer a touchless experience, safeguarding users from potentially dangerous exposure to germs.

And of course, one of the biggest advantages of all is the significantly reduced footprint required for each parking space. The automated car park of Robotic Parking Systems requires only 50% of the land required for a conventional parking garage. This opens up space for other uses such as more retail, office or residential space, or more space for green uses like community parks.

If you are interested in solving space issues, increasing ROI and dramatically improving the user parking experience, contact us at the link below. One of our experts will see if a Robotic Parking System is right for your project.

Initial designs are provided at no cost meaning there is no risk to architects and developers interested in exploring this parking option.

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