One Size Fits All

Exclusive pallet technology allows Robotic Parking Systems to safely park cars and trucks of all sizes whether wide, long, tall, heavy or with low ground clearance. You don’t have to post a list of vehicles excluded from your garage. We handle vehicles that others can’t.

The Robotic Parking System takes cars up to 6,600 lbs such as GMC Yukon, Ford Expedition or Escalade. We park cars up to 7.3 ft wide such as the Lamborghini Aventador and Yukon. Long vehicles (up to 19 ft) such as the Expedition, Ford F150 regular cab and the Chevy Suburban also fit. Additionally, in our automated system, we haven’t forgotten the small cars or the sports cars. We accept cars with just 4 in ground clearance such as the Miata at 4.3 in, the Corvette at 5.3 in, Mini Cooper and more.

No other automated parking system can accommodate the range of vehicle sizes that we do.

Some systems use machinery that drives under the vehicle. This can damage low-lying cars. Our pallet technology means that no machinery ever touches your vehicle. More protection and less liability.

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