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Congestion: Myth 3

Myth: Expensive, long-term capital projects are the best way to address congestion. Reality: No single solution can solve congestion. Both near- and long-term solutions should

Congestion: Myth 4

Myth:Current parking policies are effective at setting the right parking supply and reducing congestion. Reality: Current parking minimums lead to an oversupply of parking and

Congestion: Myth 5

Myth:Autonomous vehicles (AVs) will soon arrive and will reduce congestion. Reality:Fully autonomous (Society of Automotive Engineers Level 5) vehicles won’t reach widespread adoption until long

Space Age Parking

How do you cram more cars into fewer spaces? Ask the Germans. First to fly, first on the moon, first to invent mass production. We’re

Reduce Footprint with Robotic Parking

Perhaps the most technologically advanced of parking systems is epitomized by Robotic Parking Systems, of Clearwater, FL. The automobile is like a member of the

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One Size Fits All

Exclusive pallet technology allows Robotic Parking Systems to safely park cars and trucks of all sizes whether wide, long, tall, heavy or with low ground clearance. You don’t have to post a list of vehicles excluded from your garage. We handle vehicles that others can’t.

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