Premium Valet Service Without the Valet

Access to the parking facility is limited to street level terminals

Cars in a Robotic Parking System can be stored above- or under- ground; however, users of the garage never have to travel beyond street level terminals. All entry and exit terminals are located in a convenient central area which is easy to monitor and secure.

Multiple automatic sensors ensure that the car is properly positioned for parking, and that the area is clear of pedestrians before the car is moved.

No more walking around parking decks, waiting for elevators or climbing up and down stairs

Even if there is only one space available, there is no need to drive up and down ramps and throughout the garage to find a parking space. Just drive into the entry terminal, get out and lock the car. Then, take the parking card from the kiosk and proceed to your destination.

Robotic Parking Systems does the parking for you. No more walking around a parking deck, going up and down stairs or waiting for an elevator.

No more remembering where the car is parked or searching for it

Imagine never having to remember where the car is parked or search through levels and rows of cars. To pick up the car, just enter the well lit and secure lobby, and put the parking card into a kiosk. Large screens display the terminal where the car can be retrieved. The Robotic Parking System delivers the car facing forward for easy exit. You can get into the car and drive away in less time than it would take to walk to the car and navigate through a series of ramps in a conventional garage.

Valet service ease – but you keep your keys
Robotic Parking Systems offer the convenience of premium valet parking without the worries of someone else driving your car. Additionally, since no one is allowed access to the inside of the facility, the car and its contents are 100% secure from theft and vandalism.