New Palace of Justice, Kuwait

Number of Spaces: 2433

Al Jahra Court, Kuwait

Number of Spaces: 2314
Footprint: 328 ft x 168 ft
Height: 115 ft

Ibn Battuta Gate, Dubai, UAE

Number of Spaces: 765
Footprint: 276 ft x 98 ft
Height: 57 ft

Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai, UAE

Number of Spaces: 1191
Footprint: 320 ft x 120 ft
Height: 72 ft

Hoboken, New Jersey

Number of Spaces: 314
Footprint: 100 ft x 100 ft
Height: 56 ft

Pinellas Park, Florida

Number of Spaces: 114
Footprint: 97 ft 2 in x 72 ft
Height: 32 ft 5 in

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