World’s Largest Automatic Parking System

Al Jahra Court, Kuwait

The Al Jahra Court Complex in Kuwait houses the world’s largest automatic parking system, a marvel of engineering and innovation that has earned Robotic Parking Systems a prestigious Guinness World Record. The company was recognized for the “Largest Automated Parking Facility” in February 2018, marking the second time it achieved such an honor.

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This groundbreaking project was commissioned by the Amiri Diwan of Kuwait, the office of the Amir of Kuwait, with M A Kharafi serving as the general contractor.

Robotic Parking Systems undertook the comprehensive development of the Al Jahra Court’s parking infrastructure, encompassing the design, manufacturing of machinery and automation, installation, initiation of operations, and ongoing maintenance. The result is a state-of-the-art automatic parking system boasting an impressive 2,314 parking spaces. What sets this facility apart is its combination of 684 concrete ramp parking spaces and an additional 2,314 automated spaces, integrated within the same building envelope. The high density capability allows the Robotic Parking System to deliver almost 3.5 times the number of parking spaces compared to traditional designs.

The operational efficiency of the Al Jahra Court’s automatic parking system is truly remarkable. The facility achieves a peak traffic throughput of 425 cars per hour, facilitated by 12 grade-level entry/exit bays strategically positioned throughout the garage. This translates to an astonishing capacity to process nearly 7 cars every minute, providing a swift and seamless parking experience for users. Notably, the performance of the system surpassed the contract requirements, with throughput exceeding the stipulated 400 cars per hour and an average single retrieval time of 177 seconds, showcasing the robustness and reliability of the technology.

The cutting-edge automation implemented by Robotic Parking Systems ensures that users experience a hassle-free parking process. The seamless integration of robotics and advanced machinery streamlines the parking and retrieval procedures, optimizing space and time utilization. The success of this automatic parking system not only exemplifies technological prowess but also addresses critical urban challenges related to parking space scarcity and congestion.

Beyond its record-setting capacity and efficiency, the Al Jahra Court’s automatic parking system represents a sustainable solution for urban parking woes. By maximizing the use of available space and minimizing the environmental footprint, such automated systems contribute to creating smarter, more efficient cities. As urban areas continue to grow, the demand for intelligent parking solutions like the one implemented in Kuwait becomes increasingly pressing.

Al Jahra Court’s automatic parking system stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of technological innovation in addressing urban challenges. Robotic Parking Systems’ achievement of the Guinness World Record reinforces its position as a global leader in automated parking solutions. As cities around the world grapple with the complexities of urbanization, Al Jahra Court’s fully automated parking system serves as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how innovation can reshape the future of urban living.

See the TUV Performance Certificate.

Number of Spaces



328 ft x 168 ft


115 ft (RPS)



Entry / Exit Terminals



425 cars / hour certified

Average Single Retrieval

177 seconds certified

Eng. Mohammed Al Kholy, General Manager, stated, “I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation for the high quality service being provided to us… They (Robotic Parking Systems) have executed the design, manufacturing and delivery of over 1,293 tons of machinery, electronics and automation equipment within a remarkably short time to meet the project schedule demanded by Amiri Diwan.”

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