New Palace of Justice, Kuwait

New Palace of Justice, Kuwait

The New Palace of Justice in Kuwait has a unique and modern design, and will be the world’s tallest and largest judicial building.Robotic Parking Systems is building 2,433 automated parking spaces for the facility. Once completed, the new Palace of Justice is expected to become the new Guinness World Record holder for “Largest Automated Parking Facility.” This will be the third such record held by Robotic Parking Systems’ garages.

Number of Spaces2433
Entry / Exit Terminals18
Automated Level 2 EV Charging Stations100
Throughput720 cars / hour

Other automatic car parking systems include the Emirates Financial Towers in Dubai, UAE which held the first Guinness World Record for largest automated parking garage. The Al Jahra Court Complex in Kuwait built by Robotic Parking Systems, Inc. houses the current Guinness World Record holder for largest automated parking garage.

Robotic Parking Systems built the very first fully automated parking garage in the Middle East at ibn Battuta Gate, Dubai, UAE. This system was recognized as the most luxurious automated garage in the world by the World’s Luxury Guide.

Robotic Parking Systems: Benefits and Innovation

Robotic Parking Systems garages have provided significant benefits to all of these notable engineering projects. These benefits include: a high-density parking design that requires half the space of conventional parking, freeing up space for other uses; a luxurious valet-style parking experience; the fastest throughput (cars in and out of the system) of any automated parking system as documented by a reputable third party;

As a pioneer and leading innovator in the automated parking industry, Robotic Parking Systems has continued to push the envelope. The Robotic Parking System of the New Palace of Justice in Kuwait can now be constructed with the latest in fire safety protection. This rapid containment feature is only available through Robotic Parking Systems. It makes this system more fire-safe than all other automatic car parking systems as well as traditional concrete garages. This feature along with other recently innovated features will be found at the New Palace of Justice in Kuwait automated parking garage once completed.

Winning the contract hinged significantly on integrating Fully Automated EV Charging system, a unique requirement from the end client and consultants from the project’s outset. The Tender specified the need for 100 units of a patented technology from a USA or Europe-based company to address EV charging inefficiencies in Automated parking garages. This stringent requirement elevated the standards, and our patented system uniquely positioned Robotic Parking System as the sole contender capable of meeting it, making our product as the first of it’s kind globallly.

The team of Robotic Parking Systems is here for you. As a pioneer and top innovator in the automated parking industry, we provide architects and developers alike with in-depth information on how their specific parking projects will look with fully automated parking.

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