Q&A with Royce Monteverdi of Robotic Parking Systems & David Laurello of Stratus Technologies

“A Robotic Parking Systems garage is a ballet of automation and IT orchestration.”

VSM: Can you explain how your robotic parking system works?

RM: The Robotic Parking Systems patented technology enables parking from hundreds up to several thousand cars in half the space of a conventional ramp-style garage. This creates more floor area for design, development and community enhancements. Architects and developers can use less space for parking and incorporate more green space, retail space, residential or office space or combinations of these. Robotic Parking Systems also retrieves

cars for drivers, through a secure kiosk, which delivers the car to its driver at the exit terminal in three minutes or less, facing forward so that it is safe and easy to exit the garage.

VSM: What parking problems and issues does an automated parking system solve?

RM: Robotic Parking Systems provides many different benefits. They include:
•Minimizing the amount of space parking takes up, as Robotic Parking Systems takes up 50 percent less space to park the same number of cars as a conventional garage.
•Increasing parking security for both individuals and cars. Automatic parking eliminates personal exposure to violent crime due to walking through dark aisles, eliminates theft and vandalism and makes the common fender benders and vehicle dings and dents that occur while parking virtually impossible.
•An environmentally friendly system that reduces traffic congestion and a garages carbon footprint by reducing the accompanying pollution of people driving around and around looking for a safe, convenient place to park. Pollution is reduced inside the garage by using electromechanical automated parking machinery to move cars into parking spaces, and reducing emissions and energy.
•The convenience of valet parking without a valet, and no longer having to remember where the car is parked or searching for it.

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