Redundant Machinery and Equipment Make Robotic Parking Systems Extremely Reliable

Any piece of machinery or electronics made by man is prone to fail at some point. Just look at cars, appliances and the computer to name a few. The only way to successfully overcome this inherent possibility is the strict application of TRUE redundancy throughout an entire system. This does not mean just simply installing two motors on a single machine; it also means providing two of the same machines as well as redundancy of components in a single machine. This means strict application of the philosophy of the “one out of two failure.”

Robotic Parking Systems provide true redundancy with multiple elements controlling the same process to provide alternatives in case of failure. All major components have at least one backup system and in some cases as many as four.

True redundancy translates into a greater level of reliability and ensures uninterrupted operations. No single failure will ever result in the system being inoperable. Uptime of the system is unprecedented.


The Robotic Parking System uses only off-the-shelf, high-quality electrical and mechanical components with L10 lifetimes of 40,000 hours or above. As part of its strategic partnership with Robotic Parking Systems, General Electric supplies all motors, electronics and automation controls for the automated garage.

Every machine has built-in redundant components. In addition, at least two of each type of machine is installed in the automated parking facility. Both of the machines can perform the same tasks at the same time. Therefore, if one machine needs maintenance or repair, there is always a backup machine to keep the cars moving into and out of the garage.


Robotic Parking Systems use ultra high-end fault tolerant (fT 99.999% worldwide uptime) computer servers which guarantee continuous availability. Every piece of data (including garage configuration, location and identity of every car, etc.) and every command is stored in real-time on both servers. If one server fails, the second redundant server automatically takes over with no interruption of service.

The automation software which runs the garage is powered by GE’s Cimplicity® intelligent platform which is used worldwide in processes with high complexity and numbers of users. Cimplicity® software runs automobile assembly lines such as GM and Ford as well as container handling in seaports around the world where thousands of movements are performed on a 24/7 basis.



All Robotic Parking Systems include a full diagnostic system including early warning indicators and alarms that can be automatically sent to operator beepers or cell phones.

Robotic Parking System’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) is one of the most sophisticated diagnostics systems in the industry. Its patented high level warning systems provide alerts well in advance of any failures to help maintain a high level of uptime.

The HMI records every rotation of any wheel, bearing, gearbox and motor. All moving parts are recorded in real time, and any needed maintenance is immediately reported online to the service department.

The software provides up to five different alarm messaging classifications. These early warning indicators and alarms recognize and report conditions prior to a malfunction. Messages are sent to the computer system on site and can also be automatically forwarded to technicians’ beepers or cell phones. Up to three locations can be notified simultaneously.

These warnings save valuable time in correcting any reported deviations before a failure would occur.

Real-time remote access allows off-site trouble shooting by operators or the manufacturer, if needed.



Every Robotic Parking System design includes a back-up emergency power generator with automatic transfer switch so that service can continue in the case of a power outage.

24 / 7 HOTLINE

Using local and remote access as well as the built-in diagnostic tools, the Robotic Parking System can be easily monitored and maintained from anywhere in the world. Most alert and warnings can be cleared in minutes.

For added coverage, Robotic Parking Systems, Inc. installs a hotline to our headquarters and GE for remote access 24 hours / 7 days with an average 20 minute response time. The Robotic Parking System can be viewed and diagnosed in real time, and our engineers can access the system remotely to trouble shoot the system.


A recent report from an audit performed by independent technology experts on the Robotic Parking Systems technology states:

  • Operational safety two fold on each logical level: software and hardware
  • Full redundancy by at least two identical machines per geographical area
  • Hot swappable PC system supported by UPS and generator
  • Several manual operation stations available for different machines
  • Flexible definition of Entry / Exit Terminals indicated by traffic light on the fly
  • Service plan based on threshold values for each component
  • System is very solidly designed with lots of redundancy
  • Highly redundant, cleverly designed system with good traceability
  • Best practice compliance
  • Mature, extensible system: over 15 years of experience with system design, installation & operations


Robotic Parking Systems is proud to reveal – for the first time – the basic design principles of its system as outlined more than 15 years ago! And, more importantly, the company is strictly adhering to these principles to this day.

Click here to see Robotic Parking Systems’ Basics in Automation as outlined in 1995.

Several other automated parking manufacturers around the world are slowly catching up to these principles; however, we can proudly say:

Robotic Parking Systems is writing history in automated parking again and again.

  • The first to build and operate simultaneous operating robots
  • The first automated parking system in the USA
  • Initiating founding member of AMPA (Automated and Mechanical Parking Association) and the Guidelines
  • Key in getting first-time definitions and requirements for automated mechanical parking structures included in NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) codes
  • The first to build automated parking in the Middle East
  • The biggest automated parking garage worldwide
  • Operating the first automated facility in the Middle East
  • And the list continues …