Robotic Parking Systems: Case Study

This automated parking management system provides resilience and proactive monitoring.

Stratus Technologies reviewed Robotic Parking Systems and had this to say about the user experience and our automated parking management system.

“Robotic Parking Systems is out to change the way the world parks cars. And, in the process, improve urban land use, cut polluting auto emissions, and adhere to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) green building construction and operation metrics.

“Drive into a street-level “terminal” at a Robotic Parking garage, turn off the engine, and exit your vehicle. The system automatically does the parking for you. It is premium valet service without the valet.

“Instead of a person driving up and down a network of concrete ramps and circling parking levels in search of an open space, the control-system network knows exactly where to place a car.

“Behind the scenes, sophisticated software controls the platforms, lifts, motors, sensors, and other mechanical gear that transport the car to an open slot in a multi-story steel shelving system. Different size bays accommodate sedans and SUVs, improving space utilization. When you are ready to leave, the system locates your vehicle and returns it to a ground level exit terminal – facing in the correct direction. Retrieving a car takes one to three minutes; each entry/exit gate can handle 30 cars per hour (correction – 45 cars per hour) on average.

“These garages take up only half the space of a traditional car park, making land available for green space, additional parking, or other development options. A facility can be standalone, below a building or above a building so long as there is adequate access to entry/exit terminals. Interior lighting and HVAC are not needed where the cars are parked. Compared to a traditional enclosed car park, a Robotic Parking operation uses 50 percent less power per cycle (car in/car out).”

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Automated Parking Management System Quick Facts

  • Continuous systems availability critical to flawless execution and customer satisfaction
  • Includes a primary data center and a secondary site for disaster recovery
  • Total redundancy, proactive monitoring built in to all IT and mechanical operations to prevent failure, and enable preventative maintenance PRODUCTS
  • Stratus ftServer systems
  • GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Proficy HMI/SCADA-CIMPLICITY software
  • Microsoft® Windows Server® operating system
  • Microsoft SQL Server® database software


“True redundancy translates into a greater level of reliability and ensures uninterrupted operations.” Royce Monteverdi CEO Robotic Parking systems

The automated parking management system of Robotic Parking Systems creates an unsurpassed user experience for patrons and garage stakeholders alike. From valet-style service to optimized operations, this innovative system sets the standard for a reliable and luxurious parking experience.

Robotic Parking Systems’ automated parking management system is patented technology that sets the bar high for the entire automated parking industry.

If you are interested in solving space issues and adding luxury to your user parking experience, contact us and one of our experts will see if a Robotic Parking System is right for your project.

Initial designs are provided at no cost meaning there is no risk to architects and developers interested in exploring this parking option.

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