Robotic Parking Systems Participates in the International Transportation and Logistics Trade Mission.

Robotic Parking Systems is the largest U.S. exporter in the Automated Parking Industry. The company was honored by the US Department of Commerce in 2022 with the Export Achievement Award.

Recently, Robotic Parking Systems participated in the Transportation and Logistics Trade Mission in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This mission was organized by the US Department of Commerce. Only U.S. companies or companies with U.S. headquarters whose products and/or services have at least 51% U.S. content were eligible for this Trade Mission. Robotic Parking Systems uses US made steel which is fabricated in our manufacturing facility located next to our international headquarters in Clearwater, FL.

As an international company, Robotic Parking Systems appreciates the support provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce (US DOC) to U.S. businesses. During the event, the US DOC facilitated Business Matchmaking Meetings enabling the U.S. firms visiting Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to have pre-screened appointments with potential overseas agents, distributors, sales representatives, business partners, and other local entities.

Representing Robotic Parking Systems as a mission delegate was our Chief Development Officer, Ram Ramasubbu. Ram presented the Robotic Parking System product to the entire group in attendance. The presentation about the many benefits of Robotic Parking–land savings, safety, luxurious user experience, was well received.

The presentation of Robotic Parking “Par(k)adigm” was enthusiastically received by the audience and stakeholders. The region is currently experiencing a parking crunch, exacerbated by the ambitious Saudi 2030 mission. New projects face significant parking challenges, making our technology crucial for alleviating space constraints and ensuring excellent ROI for development. Saudi Arabia’s leadership in EV car manufacturing further highlights the relevance of our technology, as Robotic Parking Systems can provide the most efficient solution for EV charging. By addressing these pressing issues, our technology stands poised to make a substantial impact on urban development and sustainability in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to one-on-one business appointments, delegates participated in meetings with key government authorities and companies such as the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, the Specialized Integrated Logistics Zone, Saudi Arabia Railways and more. They also met with business groups like the Council of Saudi Chambers, who addressed procurement, tenders, policies, and regulations. Mission participants also connected with U.S. government officials based in the region to discuss industry developments and opportunities.

“Foreign trade is integral to economic development.” – Adam Smith, Economist

Bringing Robotic Parking Systems to Saudi Arabia

The overarching goal of the conference was to increase U.S. smart/intermobility technology exports, as well as product and service exports to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s transportation industry continues to grow. This growth is in large part due to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 economic diversification initiative which aims to transform the country into a regional and international logistical and aviation hub for tourism and transportation.

In 2021, the Saudi Arabian Government announced plans to invest $147 billion in transport and logistics by 2030. Under Vision 2030, the Kingdom launched the National Transport and Logistics Strategy which aims to improve all transport services and transform Saudi Arabia into a leading trans-regional logistical hub. This requires expanding, digitally transforming and interconnecting the entire transportation ecosystem (ports, rail and road networks, shipping lines, and air).

The Saudi Ministry of Transportation & Logistics seeks to incorporate the highest standards in innovative transport solutions into its road, rail, marine, and air infrastructure. There is a strong Saudi demand across all segments of this industry, as air, sea and land transport move to adopt smart/intermobility and electric mobility technologies to meet Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals.

International Projects of Robotic Parking Systems

Robotic Parking Systems is a strong international player in the fully automated parking industry. The very first fully automated parking system built in the Middle East was a 765-space garage constructed by Robotic Parking Systems at Ibn Battuta Gate, Dubai, UAE.

Since that time, Robotic Parking Systems went on to construct the two largest fully automated parking garages located in the world. Robotic Parking Systems earned its first Guinness World Book of Records recognition with the construction of the 1191-space garage at the Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai, UAE. Just a few years later, Robotic Parking Systems broke its own record with the construction of the 2314-space fully automated parking system at the Al Jahra Court Complex in Kuwait.

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