Robotic Parking Systems
Recognized as Leading Technology Innovator

Robotic Parking Systems, Inc. was recently recognized with the prestigious Leading Technology Innovator Award by Innovation in Business.

This award celebrates outstanding technological achievements of businesses. Companies receiving this award have produced groundbreaking solutions, game-changing innovations, and have made a positive impact in their industries.

Robotic Parking Systems – Past, Present, and Future Innovation

It is no secret that Robotic Parking Systems is the leading pioneer and innovator in the automated parking industry. Robotic Parking Systems, Inc. was the first company to build automated parking in both the US and the Middle East. The company currently holds not just one, but two Guinness World Records for largest automated parking facilities.

Robotic Parking Systems continues to refine and advance automated parking technology at its research and discovery facility in Clearwater FL. The 114-space garage has facilitated advancement and is a place where one can see several iterations of the system and its improvements over the years. Advancements include improvements to the system with the use of artificial intelligence (AI); design modifications that make the mechanical components easier to access, facilitating the upkeep of the system; and the creation and refinement of the Robotic Parking Systems mobile application.

Robotic Parking Systems currently holds 4 patents on the technology of automated parking. Through the efforts and innovation of the Robotic Parking Systems team, several more patents are pending.

Innovating in Automated Parking System Safety and Speed

Robotic Parking Systems groundbreaking innovations include the use of pallets to transport vehicles and storage units within the system. Robotic Parking System’s pallet technology is the only technology that guarantees safe and liability free automated parking. With pallets, no machinery elements ever touch–or rip off–parts of a vehicle.

Robotic Parking Systems also process cars, meaning gets them in and out of the garage, faster than any other automated parking system in the world.

Once a car is parked on a pallet, where it remains for the duration of parking, it is passed from machine to machine, until it reaches its final destination–its storage space. Because multiple machines operate simultaneously, and there is a separate independent system for handling empty pallets, the system can process 18 vehicles in 140 seconds and more.

Innovation Creating the Cleanest Parking Garage Around

One does not normally find the words “clean” and “parking garage” in the same sentence. One of the huge benefits of the pallet system is that the groves in the pallets capture any car drippings that might otherwise fall on another vehicle or machinery, a problem one finds in other automated parking systems.

New developments have been made for the challenges faced in Northern climates where snow, ice, water, salt and dirt are regularly brought into the garage during winter. The system is now set up to clean all of these elements off the pallets. In less than one minute, 80 gallons of unwanted winter debris.

Innovation in the Automated Parking System Software Interface

Robotic Parking Systems’ software management system combined with an extensive diagnostics suite provides an interactive interface. This interface can access, monitor, and control the parking facility locally and remotely. It also provides specialized access to those parking their cars allowing them to obtain facility services like EV charging and car washes.

This interface is connected to a network of cameras and sensors. This construct means that each car is carefully watched and monitored at all times as is every inch of a Robotic Parking System facility. Cameras and sensors in the terminal let the system know the exact size and weight of every car, allowing the system to place each car in an appropriately sized parking spot. Additional cameras and sensors in the garage allow technicians to monitor and maintain the system continuously.

Innovation with AI Car Parking Manager Robots

Some of our most recent innovations include the development of AI car parking manager robots.

AI allows the system to accurately position vehicles based on driver behavior so retrieval time will be as fast as possible.

Let’s say an individual normally leaves the office to get their car at 2 p.m., at 1:45 p.m.. AI allows the system to learn this behavior pattern over time so it can move the individual’s car to the closest position possible to the retrieval terminal near the normal pick up time. In that manner, retrieval time is minimal. In fact, retrieval time in a Robotic Parking System facility is about 177 seconds.

Through the use of AI, our system can now interface with and park autonomous driving vehicles, making it fully equipped for emerging transportation needs.

Electric vehicle charging stations have been added to the system. Electric vehicles in need of charging are moved automatically to these stations when this action is initiated by the patron. No further action is required of the patron from there.

Once the EV is fully charged, the automated parking system detects this and simply moves the vehicle to a non charging spot. Patrons can relax with peace of mind as they go about their day.

The recent innovations which gave impetus to our latest recognition by Innovation in Business, were made possible through the teamwork and expertise of Robotic Parking Systems founder Royce Monteverdi, Chief Operating Officer Ram Ramasubbu who has been with Robotic Parking Systems since 2006 and Chief Technology Officer Rajeev Aswal who joined the team in 2013.

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