Robotic Car Parking: Solution to Parking Woes

The robotic car park, one of the three largest in the world, can park 250 cars every hour.

Dubai August 2009: A robotic car park linked to the office tower at Ibn Battuta Gate Complex can hold up to 765 cars and is the first of several planned for the UAE intended address parking woes.

Because the car park is robotic, it means that it can fit twice as many cars in the space than if it was a concrete ramp due to saved space. And in terms of time, the system can retrieve your car and deliver it to you within three minutes – a claim tried and tested by local media.

The robotic car park, one of the three largest in the world, can park 250 cars every hour. It is possible for 32 cars to be in motion within the seven-storey system at any one time. The car is revolved 180 degrees once it is inside the car park which will save time once the car is retrieved as it will come out facing forward, said Sami Issa, general manager of Robotic Systems, the technology licensor.

“In a world of increasing urbanization and traffic congestion, the future is robotic parking. As more and more vehicles in the UAE and the Middle East share a limited volume of available space, the need for a solution has become acute,” Issa said.

And at no point in the process does the equipment or another person touch the cars, making it less likely to be scratched.

The office tower itself is the first phase of Ibn Battuta Gate. The second phase is a hotel which will be in operation at the beginning of 2010 and 150 serviced apartments which will be finished in the next four months, said Ahmet Oktay Cini, chief executive of Asteco Development Management.

Robotic car parking will be free for tenants of the office tower but there will be a charge for visitors which has not yet been finalized.

Andrew Chambers, managing director of Asteco, which is leasing Ibn Battuta Gate, said that not only is the office tower close to the mall and metro, but the cars will be protected from the actions of the weather and miscreants.*

Robotic Car Parking in a New Age

There are many reasons architects, engineers, developers and investors should consider robotic car parking for their projects. First, there are the increasing costs of land in urban communities. A Robotic Parking System literally cuts the land requirement in half. This in turn frees up land for other uses such as green space, parks and open event space, or revenue producing uses like more office, residential or retail space.

Additionally, with emerging technologies like electric vehicles, fleet sharing and driverless cars, conventional concrete garages are obsolete as soon as they are built. Robotic car parking provides many more options to developers who are not interested in replacing their concrete parking garages in just a few years in order to accommodate emerging transportation needs.

Robotic Parking Systems is fully equipped for EV charging. Level 2 EV charging stations are built into the parking spots, making the task of charging seamless for EV owners. EV owners can leave their cars to be charged and do not have to worry about getting back to their car once it is charged to move it for the next person. This is all done automatically.

Robotic Parking Systems in partnership with Bosch is equipped to facilitate parking of “autonomous driving cars,” an important factor as the use of these vehicles increases.

Robotic Parking Systems offers a safe parking solution for people and cars alike. Since no people ever enter the garage, the opportunity for violent crime, theft and accidents is completely eliminated. This reduces the liability expenses for operators as well, bring the cost of operations down.

If you are interested in learning more about how a robotic car parking system could integrate with your project, reach out to our experts at the link below. Provide some basic information and our experts will create custom robotic car parking plans for your project.

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*Miscreant is a person who behaves badly or in a way that breaks the law.

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