RPS 200

Ideal When Entry / Exit Space is Limited

Designed for Small Entrance Areas

Robotic Parking Systems’ RPS 200 automated parking garage is the perfect solution for sites where only a small area is available at the entry / exit level of the garage.

The RPS 200 includes an industrial lift that rotates and transports the vehicle to the appropriate parking levels either above or below the access level.

Ideally, several entrance terminals can be made to fit into the available site area in order to achieve redundancy and sufficient peak traffic handling of the system.

The RPS 200 automatic parking structure uses only 50% of the space typically required by a conventional ramp-style parking garage. (Take a look at the RPS 1000 and RPS 100 for additional configurations.)

Sophisticated Diagnostics

Robotic Parking System’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) is one of the most sophisticated diagnostics systems in the industry. Its patented high level warning systems provide alerts well in advance of any failures to minimize downtime.

Eco-friendly & Cost Effective

The RPS 200 is a green parking solution. Electromechanical automatic parking reduces CO2 emissions and other pollutants and greenhouse gases. No cars are run inside the garage so there are no choking car emissions to ventilate. Also, since cars are not circling the block looking for a parking space, there is less pollution and less traffic congestion. Drivers get off the street faster!

Overall development cost can be significantly lower than for a conventional garage. Since there are no people or running cars inside the garage, there are lower lighting and ventilation requirements. Lower insurance costs, lower personnel expenses, smaller land area required and more – all add up to increased savings.

Underground applications are particularly well suited to the RPS 200. Because only half the space is needed for the same amount of parking as conventional garages, developers can save as much as 50% on the excavation alone.

Safer & More Secure

Automated parking virtually eliminates the risk of vehicle damage or theft as well as the risk of personal injury so common in conventional lots and garages.

Rather than spending an exorbitant amount of time driving around looking for a parking space, drive up to the garage and enter the ground level entry terminal; get out and lock the car; push a few buttons and simply walk away. When leaving, the driver returns to a well lit lobby where the car is quickly delivered to a ground floor exit terminal. Get in and drive away. Hassle free!