Sample Layouts

Explore the Future of Parking: AutoCAD Sample Layout Files for Automated Parking Systems

Unlock Productive Land Use

A Robotic Parking System is not just a parking solution; it’s a catalyst for more productive land use. By significantly reducing the land area required for parking, our automated parking system opens up opportunities for architects and developers to maximize space for their projects. This transformative design approach to parking enhances the overall efficiency and sustainability of urban planning.

To view these files, you’ll need AutoCAD or a free AutoCAD Viewer such as DWG TrueView. Click here for Autodesk FREE viewers.

A PDF version of the drawings is also supplied.

Your Automated Parking System Planning Guide

Our Planning Guide was put together to help the user envision the integration of our automated parking system into a project. Meant for architects or developers alike, this resource can assist in assessing feasibility, optimizing site plans, and aligning with preliminary project goals. Download the AutoCAD file or the PDF to embark on your journey towards a more efficient parking solution.

RPS 1000 Fully Automated Parking System

Download the AutoCAD files or PDFs to dive into the details of these innovative designs and learn more about how automated parking systems work.

Our top-of-the-line RPS 1000 automated parking garage is a groundbreaking solution that can accommodate anywhere from 200 to over 5000 parking spaces—all while utilizing only half the space of conventional ramp parking. Explore our AutoCAD Type 1 and Type 2 drawings to envision the possibilities.

The Type 1 AutoCAD drawing showcases an example of a fully automated parking garage using a steel structure.

The Type 2 AutoCAD drawing shows an example of an automated garage using a concrete structure.

RPS 200 Fully Automated Parking System

For sites with limited entry/exit space, the RPS 200 is the ideal solution. This compact yet efficient automated parking garage is designed for locations where space is at a premium. Explore the AutoCAD drawing or PDF to understand how the RPS 200 can seamlessly integrate into your project, optimizing available space without compromising on capacity.

Your Vision, Our Innovation

These AutoCAD sample layout files are not just drawings—they are gateways to a future where parking is seamlessly integrated, maximizing space, and enhancing the overall functionality of urban projects. Embark on the journey to redefine parking in your project.

To communicate about a specific project and learn about automated parking system costs, click here for our contact form and connect with one of our experts. By supplying project specific information such as the location, dimensions of the buildable area, height, property restrictions, number of spaces and peak traffic requirements, we can custom design a Robotic Parking System for your project and help you compare costs, both initial and operational, of this system.

With the ever increasing cost of land, this system has proven to be incredibly cost efficient when compared to conventional parking in urban settings. This automated parking system cost savings will only increase as emerging transportation technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs) and driverless vehicles become the norm, making most conventional concrete parking structures obsolete.

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