Space-Age Garages That Save Space

Displays a Stunning Agility

The New York Times has this to say about Robotic Parking Systems.

“… displays a stunning agility. It lifts and carries cars about on computer-controlled steel pallets as if they were delicate ballerinas, moving with precision and speed inside a structure that is remarkably compact.”

See the pdf version.

Robotic Valet Parking

This praise is well deserved. Robotic Parking Systems is not your normal parking garage. Robotic valet parking actually provides better service than a traditional valet because drivers keep their keys and don’t need to tip!

To get the full picture, one has to start at the beginning.

First, drivers simply pull into a garage terminal and the system parks the cars for them. This means that no people ever enter the garage. This cuts down on a tremendous amount of space that would be required in a conventional garage–space for ramps, space for turning, space for opening doors, and parking space heights on all spaces to accommodate tall vehicles.

Instead, vehicles in a Robotic Parking System are carried on a pallet and placed into their storage spot as if being placed on a shelf. Sensors detect car height so shorter cars go on levels with less height and taller cars go on levels with greater heights.

For the automated parking system owner, a smaller parking land requirement means greater ROI. For patrons, the robotic valet parking means a superior user experience and parking in style.

Drivers in this system do not need to find a space to park nor do they need to look for their car upon return. They simply initiate both the storage and retrieval process at the kiosk or on our app, and they are set to go.

The fact that no public ever enter the garage also means that it is much safer for both people and vehicles. The system eliminates all opportunities for crime–violent and theft. It also eliminates opportunities for accidents, large or small–no more strange dents and scratches.

Architects and developers interested in learning more about how a robotic valet parking may fit into development projects can reach out to the experts of Robotic Parking Systems at the link below.

Initial designs are provided at no cost so there is no risk in exploring this parking option.

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