Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVC)

Our optional Robotic Parking Electric Vehicle Charging © station is available with all of our fully automated parking garages.

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RPS 1000 Fully Automated Parking System

A RPS 1000 Fully Automated Parking System reduces the space needed for cars by 50% or more. It is ideal when hundreds to thousands of parking spaces are needed. The system easily creates more space for developers to utilize for higher revenues and profits as well as offering users the ultimate parking experience.

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RPS 200 Fully Automated Parking System

The RPS 200 accommodates from 50 to 200 cars. It is specifically designed for use in projects where there is a very limited access area to the building or property. The RPS 200 is particularly suited to apartment buildings where there is limited space at grade level and where limiting parking to only a few basement levels is essential.

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Lift and Slide Semi-Automated Parking System

The Lift and Slide system is semi-automated and allows patrons to access each parking space with a push of a button. Lift and slide systems generally accommodate less than 200 cars and are extremely useful in developments where minimal height is available in the entry level.

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