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Parking for People and the Cars They Drive

Our Robotic Parking System redefines parking convenience with its integration of thoughtful, patron centered design and cutting-edge technology. From our entry guidance system and our mobile app option to premium services like automated parking EV charging and car washing, we ensure a seamless and technologically advanced automated parking system experience.

Elevate the Parking Experience with an Automated Parking System

Entry Guidance System Makes Parking Easy

Our Automated Parking Entry Guidance System featuring green and red traffic lights revolutionizes the parking experience. Outside each entry/exit terminal, these lights quickly show which parking terminals are available, offering real-time visibility and making the parking process a breeze.

Bid farewell to the hassle of backing up; our system’s design ensures effortless navigation through the parking facility.

Large LCD screens provide easy-to-understand graphical and multilingual instructions. Whether in English or native local languages, our system ensures that users are guided with clarity, enhancing the overall accessibility of the parking process. Additional manual guidance is provided by grooves in the parking pallet. These grooves provide tactile assistance for precise parking, ensuring that users can navigate with confidence and ease. A convex mirror provides an additional layer of guidance, allowing users to make informed parking decisions and further minimizing the risk of accidents.

Experience comfort like never before with our spacious entry/exit terminals. Offering more than 4 feet (1.2 m) on either side of the car, our design prioritizes user comfort. Forget about tight, difficult-to-navigate spaces – our roomy terminals make getting into and out of the car a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Mobile App - Touchless and Effortless

Whether users are valued members or guests, our app places control over the entire parking process literally at their fingertips. This app acts as part of our robot valet parking system. It eliminates the need for physical tickets or cards as the smartphone becomes the key to a hassle-free parking experience.

Scan, park, and go. With a simple scan of a code using our Mobile App, users can seamlessly park their vehicles. No more fumbling for physical passes or waiting in line. And when it’s time to retrieve and leave, just a few taps on the app allows users to select “retrieve,” and their vehicle is queued up.

The Mobile App provides users real-time delivery information, keeping them in the loop throughout the parking process. Users receive delivery information and a notice indicating the gate where the car will be returned, making the parking experience transparent and user-friendly.

Our Mobile App Users can pay parking fees seamlessly within the app. No need to dig for loose change or wait at a payment kiosk. Cashless transactions bring convenience to the entire automated parking system experience.

Kiosks Offer Convenient Access Options

Each automated parking system entry and exit terminal boasts user-friendly kiosks designed to cater to both monthly and transient parkers. Whether initiating parking through our intuitive mobile app or utilizing advanced RFID (radio frequency id) cards, fobs, or NFC (near field communication) technology at the kiosk, we ensure a seamless and technologically advanced parking experience. This symphony of access options ensures that parking is not just a necessity but an experience tailored to your preferences.

Retrieval Lobby - No Searching, Just Waiting Comfortably

Automated Parking System users experience the pinnacle of comfort with our state-of-the-art Retrieval Lobby. The lobby is designed to be a comfortable and welcoming space where users can effortlessly initiate the return of their vehicles and sit down as their vehicle is transported to a terminal. Whether the user chooses to use our Mobile App, RFID card, fob, or NFC, our lobby and kiosks in it accommodate various retrieval preferences in a relaxed setting.

Users stay informed at a glance. The Retrieval Lobby boasts several 60-inch displays that provide real-time updates on the queue for retrievals. Users know exactly where they stand in the retrieval lineup. Separate displays show live footage of vehicle movement inside the garage.

Safe and Secure

Every day, headlines are filled with stories of accidents, thefts, and violence in conventional parking garages and lots. A sobering study by the US Department of Justice reveals alarming statistics—one out of 12 rapes occur in parking garages, and over 40% of sexual assaults by strangers take place in these spaces. Incidents range from vehicular accidents to violent crimes, creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity for many, especially women, in conventional parking garages.

Enter Robotic Parking Systems, Inc. creating a beacon of safety in the parking landscape. Our innovative solution, virtually eliminates the risks associated with vehicle damage, theft, and personal injury—commonplace in conventional lots and garages. Elevating safety is not just a feature; it’s a fundamental paradigm shift in parking security.

With our automated parking system, there is no public access to the parked vehicles, so there is no opportunity for crime to occur.

An extra layer of security is achieved through high-resolution cameras strategically placed in each entry/exit terminal and throughout the system.

No Risk of Injury

Our fully automated parking introduces an unparalleled level of safety, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience with no risk of injury.

Since the automated system does the parking, the need to drive around searching for a parking space becomes a thing of the past. Users simply drive up to the garage and enter the ground-level entry terminal. Once inside the terminal, users exit their vehicle, lock it, and with just a few button presses, the car is securely stored on its own pallet. No more walking through rows of vehicles or navigating levels of parking decks, minimizing the risk of collisions or pedestrian accidents.

Cars are protected and untouched so users can rest easy knowing that their vehicle is not just parked but safeguarded on its own pallet. Our fully automated parking system ensures that your car remains untouched by both machines and humans. The risk of door dings, scratches, or any form of accidental damage is virtually eliminated, creating a secure environment for your vehicle.

When it’s time to leave, users can return to a well-lit lobby that prioritizes safety or simply initiate retrieval from the mobile app. No more navigating dark, cramped spaces or worrying about personal safety. Within less than a couple of minutes of initiating retrieval, users get into their car and drive away, stress-free.

No Damage and Dents

Traditional parking lots and garages are riddled with pitfalls–the most common grievance among vehicle owners is the inevitable dings and dents that occur. In spaces where size constraints are prevalent, drivers and passengers alike often inadvertently collide their doors with neighboring vehicles, leaving behind a trail of frustrating damages.

Robotic Parking Systems’ changes all of that. In our automated parking system haven, the specter of dings and dents becomes a thing of the past. Unlike conventional lots, where tight spaces and distracted parkers pose constant risks, our system is a sanctuary where your vehicle remains untouched, pristine, and unmarred.

This unparalleled assurance of safety lies in the complete removal of opportunity for accidents. Once a vehicle is securely placed on the parking pallet, not a single soul comes into contact with it. Human interaction is entirely eliminated from the equation. In our automated parking garage, the only occupants are the AI controlled machinery and vehicles—no room for human error, and certainly, no risk of inadvertent damage.

No Theft and Vandalism

Our system eliminates crime, and for good reason–its very design prevents crime. In fact, criminology, risk assessment, architecture, and site planning known as CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) depend on the ability to impact actions and decisions that happen before criminal acts themselves. Crime is prevented by eliminating all the opportunities for it to be committed in the first place.

Traditional concrete parking garages suffer from security difficulties that are inevitable because of their design.

  • Parked cars provide hiding places and impeded the distribution of lighting,
  • Most parking garages are open to the public,
  • An offender’s car is not likely to be noted as strange or memorable in a public parking facility.

Concrete parking garages, which are either partially or fully enclosed, offer much less natural surveillance—a primary focus of CPTED—than open lots.

Automated parking systems, with no public access to parked vehicles, offer the best CPTED design solution by virtually eliminating opportunities for crime.

No opportunity = No crime.

Read Doing Nothing Can Be Expensive: A 12-Step Program to Reduce Liability by Improving Security by Charles R. Munn III

Premium Robot Valet Parking System - Service Without the Tip

Users step into a new era of parking luxury with our Premium Robot Valet Parking System—an epitome of unparalleled convenience. Arriving at our facility is as simple as pulling into the entry terminal. Users keep their keys in hand, and witness the seamless transition as automation takes over, delicately guiding the vehicle to its designated parking space.

Users can leave their worries behind as they entrust their vehicles to our premium robotic valet parking service. Belongings are secure, with no need to fret about unauthorized access. In our fully automated robotic parking System, each car is cocooned in a protective bubble, shielded from prying eyes and potential mishaps.

When the time comes to bid adieu, our premium robot valet system ensures an effortless departure. Vehicles are efficiently delivered back to an entry/exit terminal, ready for the driver to step in and drive away. No waiting, no searching—just the epitome of convenience as drivers seamlessly transition from our parking facility to their next destination.

See how it works.

Automated Parking EV Charging

Robotic Parking Systems elevates the automated parking electric vehicle (EV) charging experience. At every one of our robotic parking garages, we offer optional automatic electric car charging stations. It’s not just about parking; it’s about seamlessly integrating emerging technologies.

Charging an electric car has never been more straightforward for users. They simply drive their EV into the entry terminal, effortlessly connect the charging cord between their car and the pallet, and with a few simple selections on the interface, the vehicle is set to charge while securely parked. No need to worry about unplugging or moving the car later when charging is complete—our system handles it all seamlessly.

In the event that other EVs are ahead of you, our intelligent computer system automatically places your car in the queue. Once an electric charging station becomes available, your car is efficiently moved to the designated station, optimizing the use of the charging infrastructure. No more waiting in line or wondering when it’s your turn—our system ensures a smooth and efficient charging process.

Drivers do not need to dash back to move their cars once they are done charging. Our automated parking EV charging system takes care of the entire process for you. Once your car is fully charged, it is automatically relocated from the charging station to a non-charging slot, freeing up the station for other EVs. It’s a seamless, hands-free experience that prioritizes the users time and convenience.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond individual convenience. By automatically moving charged cars to non-charging slots, our automated parking EV charging system optimizes the use of charging infrastructure, ensuring that every available station is utilized efficiently. It’s a collective effort toward a greener future—one where electric vehicle charging is not just convenient but also environmentally conscious.

Eco-Friendly Parking

An automated parking facility with ten or more levels can house up to four times more parking spaces than a conventional parking garage. This leaves a lot of extra land or floor area for development. The additional space resulting from automated parking can also be used for green space for a more beautiful, livable, and desirable property that increases the total value of a development project.

Because no cars drive or run inside the garage, there are no car emissions being produced in the facility. CO2 emissions, greenhouse gasses and other pollutants from the parking process are eliminated. This is healthier for both the environment and the drivers who would normally inhale all of those pollutants in a conventional concrete garage.

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