User Experience

Robotic Parking Systems offer users the ultimate parking experience.

Easy Access

Entry Guidance System

Green and red traffic lights outside of each entry / exit terminal quickly show which parking bays are available. To make parking simple, cars enter and exit by driving forward. Users never need to back up.

A large LCD screen provides easy to understand parking instructions graphically and in English and native local languages. Grooves in the pallet and a round, convex mirror add additional manual parking guidance.

The roomy terminal offers more than 4 feet (1.2 m) on either side of the car making it comfortable to get into and out of cars. You don’t have to worry about banging into other cars or squeezing around obstacles.

Mobile App

The mobile app gives users (members or guests) touchless control over the parking process.

Quickly scan a code to park. When it’s time to leave just select “retrieve.” Parking fees can be paid through the app.

Users will receive delivery information and the gate where the car will be returned.


The Robotic Parking System includes kiosks for each entry / exit terminal for both monthly and transient parkers. Parking can be initiated through the mobile app or with RFID (radio frequency id) card, fob or NFC (near field communication) at the kiosk.

Retrieval Lobby

The comfortable lobby contains kiosks for users to retrieve their cars using the mobile app or an RFID card, fob or NFC. Temporary parkers can also initiate credit card payment for any parking charges.

Several 60-inch displays show the queue for retrievals and guide users to the correct entry/exit terminal for pickup. Separate displays show live footage of vehicle movement inside the garage.

Safe and Secure

Every day there are numerous news stories about accidents, theft and violence in conventional parking garages and parking lots. A study by the US Department of Justice found that one out of 12 rapes occur in parking garages. And, over 40% of sexual assaults by strangers occur in garages. People are hit by cars or drive off parking decks. Others are assaulted, knifed or shot. Vehicles are vandalized and stolen.

Robotic Parking Systems virtually eliminate the risk of vehicle damage or theft as well as the risk of personal injury so common in conventional lots and garages.

High resolution cameras in each entry / exit terminals and CCTV cameras throughout the system provide extra protections.

No Risk of Injury

There is no need to spend time driving around looking for a parking space or to walk to and from the car through rows of vehicles or levels of parking decks.

Simply drive up to the garage and enter the ground level entry terminal; get out and lock the car; push a few buttons and simply walk away. The car is safe and protected on its own pallet, and never touched by machines or humans. When leaving, you return to a well-lit lobby; select retrieval, and the car is quickly delivered to a ground floor exit terminal. Get in and drive away. Hassle free!

No Damage and Dents

Regularly parking in a conventional lot or garage almost always results in dings and dents in a car. Parking spaces are often small, and distracted people smash their door into the sides of other vehicles. In a Robotic Parking System, no one touches the car after it’s placed on the parking pallet. In fact, the automated parking facility itself contains only machinery and vehicles – no humans allowed!

No Theft and Vandalism

Robotic Parking Systems eliminate theft and vandalism. Vehicles are stored in a fully enclosed building and are 100% secure from access by others.

Premium Valet Service Without the Tip

The premium valet service of robotic parking is extremely convenient for users. Just pull into the entry terminal, keep the keys and let automation park the car. Don’t worry about your belongings. No one else has access to the car. When you’re ready to leave, the car will be delivered back to an entry / exit terminal.

See how it works.

Electric Car Charging

All of our robotic parking garages offer optional automatic electric car charging stations.

Just drive the electric car into the entry terminal, connect the charging cord between the car and the pallet, select how long to charge; and the car will automatically be charged while you’re parked. If other cars are ahead of you, the computer system will put your car in the queue and move it to an electric charging station when one becomes available.

You also don’t have to dash back to unplug and move your car from a charging station hours later. Once a car is charged, the Robotic Parking System automatically moves the car from the charging station into a non-charging slot to make room for other cars.

Eco-Friendly Parking

Help the environment. No cars drive or run inside the garage so there are no car emissions being produced in the facility. CO2 emissions and other pollutants and greenhouse gases from the parking process are eliminated.