Robotic Parking Systems can reduce the land area used for parking by 50% or more and is suitable for parking hundreds to thousands of cars. The façade is completely flexible and can blend in with neighboring buildings.

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No opportunity for crime = no crime

It is a statistical fact – but possibly not widely known – that conventional parking garages are places where thousands of crimes happen daily. There are lots of opportunities where criminals can hide and carry out their dark intentions without being prevented. There is a way to put a stop to it – period.

Creating New Land

This amazing and impressive story shows how Robotic Parking Systems actually “make new land” by changing land use dynamics. See for yourself!

Robotic receives Export Award

The US Department of Commerce awarded Robotic Parking Systems the “Export Achievement Certificate” during a ceremony held earlier in 2022; `“Robotic Parking Systems is a great example of a local Florida company bidding for and winning large scale international projects,”: Sandra Campbell, Director, Tampa bay Export Center, US Department of Commerce.

Vehicle Retrieval in 177 Seconds

Watch the powerful vehicle retrieval process of Robotic Parking Systems – within 177 seconds.

18 Cars In-and-Out in 140 Seconds

Robotic Parking Systems moves more cars faster than any other automated parking system. Watch closely as 12 vehicles enter and 6 leave. 18 vehicles processed—all in 140 seconds.

Protecting Precious Valuables

The Robotic Parking System protects your vehicle in the most secure way possible.

One Size Fits All

Exclusive pallet technology allows Robotic Parking Systems to safely park cars and trucks of all sizes whether wide, long or tall.

Park Twice the Cars in Half the Space

The comfort of valet service. The fastest retrieval time on the market. Touchless and secure.

Robotic Parking - Guinness World Record Holder

The Robotic Parking System at Al Jahra, Kuwait is the Guinness World Record holder for “Largest Automated Parking Facility” in the world with 2,314 parking spaces.

AME Info's Phil Blizzard reports on the opening of the 765 space Robotic Parking System...

…a key complementary feature of the mixed-use Ibn Battuta Gate Complex in Dubai, UAE.

Emirates News reports on the opening of the Robotic Parking System in Dubai, UAE.

Robotic Parking Systems garage reduces the space needed for parking by up to 50%.

Robotic Parking Systems is like a symphony in motion.

The high-speed efficiency of the Robotic Parking System and fast retrieval times ensure rapid throughput (the number of cars in and out per hour) and a satisfying user experience.

This news video from the UK explains the need for automated parking...

…and includes footage on a Robotic Parking Systems facility beginning at 0:45. Statistics have shown that as much as 50% of traffic in urban areas is due to people driving around looking for a convenient and available parking space.

GNTV reports on a Robotic Parking System garage.

Architects and developers use less space for parking and gain more space for green areas or other design features that can benefit the project and the community.

A Robotic Parking Systems automated garage creates space and reduces pollution.

Construction Week Online sneaks a look inside the garage with an on board video camera.

This is an animation of Robotic Parking Systems' model RPS 100 automated parking garage.

This model is the ideal solution for small sites with a high demand for parking. This automatic parking structure uses only 50% of the land area typically required by a conventional ramp-style parking garage.

The Robotic Parking System is a key feature of the Ibn Battuta Gate Project.

This mixed use project features business and leisure facilites – ranging from robotic parking to the soon to be opened Movenpick Hotel. Andrew Chambers, MD, Asteco Property Management talks to Phil Blizzard of AME Info about the new Ibn Battuta Gate development located on the outskirts of ‘new’ Dubai. The Robotic Parking System is shown beginning at 0:33.

Jeanne Moos from CNN takes a look at the Robotic Parking System built in New Jersey.

One patron expresses her satisfaction with the facility by stating “I’ll go without food before I go without this garage.”

Robotic Parking Systems' Enhanced Design.

Robotic Parking Systems, unlike other automated parking garages, has an enhanced, patented design where all three movements are separated and handled by individual intelligent components. Observe the speed and multiple simultaneous motions. The Robotic Parking Systems is unsurpassed in the industry worldwide!